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Current in house Covid Precautions:

If you have underlying health conditions, health concerns, or are not fully vaccinated, we recommend wearing a mask and/or maintaining social distance  around those outside your family/close friend group.

If you’re unable to attend in person, please join in one of our online worship options. 

Sunday 11am sermons will be live streamed on our Facebook page. Sermons will be posted afterward to our Youtube page. Wednesday evening Bible study will be posted to both our Facebook and Youtube pages. 

Links for our Facebook and Youtube pages are here:


At Duncan UMC we believe that worship is at the heart of who we are as followers of Jesus.

We believe that it’s a special time for us to be with each other, support each other, and fuel up for service to God and each other.

What to expect:

Please note our current Covid 19 policies and recommendations at the top of the page.

Dress is what you’d like it to be. You’ll see folks wearing suits and dresses. You’ll see others wearing jeans and t-shirts. Most are somewhere in between. In any case, come as you are comfortable. It’s not about what we wear to worship. It’s about who we worship.

We feature thoughtful and challenging messages, great music in a variety of styles, special time for children, regular observance of Holy Communion, and an open, welcoming atmosphere.

Come and make yourself at home!

Worship Times at Duncan UMC:

Sunday Morning at 11:00am in the sanctuary

2nd Sunday evening of each month, at 5:00pm, in the clubhouse (the white building next door to the main church building)This gathering features theme or the month potluck dinner, singing, devotion time and fellowship. If you’d like to visit, no need to bring food. Just come and enjoy and get to know folks in a casual atmosphere.

Children & Youth

Jesus told his followers to welcome children and to know that their youth, energy and open spirit were a vision of God’s Kingdom.

At Duncan UMC we believe that children and young people are important. That’s why we want to include, encourage and teach them to grow in their faith and be a part of the church.

Every Sunday morning we offer Sunday school classes for all ages, pre-school to high school and beyond.

We feature a special sermon, just for kids, in our 11am worship time.

Our youth group meets not only on Sunday but other various times for fun, learning, prayer and service.

We have Vacation Bible School every summer for elementary – middle school and mentor our high schoolers as VBS helpers.

We provide scholarships for any child or young person who wants to go to summer camp at Camp Sumatanga.

We elect youth representatives to our local Church Council to make sure their voice is heard in congregational planning and policy.

We encourage children and young people to look for ways in which their faith can be practiced in worship, devotion and service.

If you have children or youth in your family, we’re confident that they’ll feel at home in our church family too!


Growing in our faith means paying attention to our faith. That means stopping for study, prayer and fellowship with others along the way.

Duncan UMC has lots of ways to do just that. With small group studies, prayer groups and Sunday school classes, whether you’re looking for additional Sunday learning time or a refresher point during the week, you’ll find what you need here.

Small group studies:

Wednesday evening at 6pm, in the parlor of the church. These sessions are also available on our Facebook and Youtube pages, linked higher up on this page.

In homes, various days and locations, Contact Us for specific info

Sunday school:

10am Sunday mornings

several classes for all ages, pre-school-senior adults

Youth group:

Meets Sunday mornings at 10am, and monthly at various locations Contact Us for more info


Following Jesus is not just about worship, or prayer, or even Bible study. It’s about living lives of joy, fun and friendship.

Much of the time we see Jesus in the gospels, he’s at a table, or headed to someone’s home to soon be at a table.

At Duncan UMC we make time to be with each other, around the table and otherwise. 

When you come to Duncan, it won’t be long before you find yourself enjoying great food and great company. It might be during our Sunday Night Dinner and Devotion. It could be during a fish fry. Maybe you’ll join us at one of our afternoons of fun at Wind Creek park. Or go on an outing with the youth group, carol around Christmas time, or enjoy one of our family game-time afternoons.

Serving Christ together means being together for more than an hour on Sunday. It means all the other fun times together as well. Come see for yourself!